Groovy Brownie Snack Bars

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Groovy Brownie Snack Bars - Elevate Your Snacking Experience

Indulge in the rich world of chocolate goodness with Groovy Brownie Snack Bars, the perfect treat for all chocolate enthusiasts. Crafted with a blend of wholesome ingredients, this vegan delight promises a delicious experience that is not only natural but also healthy.

Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free, and High in Fiber

Catering to diverse dietary preferences, Groovy Brownie Snack Bars are not only vegan-friendly but also gluten-free. The high fibre content ensures that every bite contributes to your overall well-being, making it a smart choice for those seeking a snack that aligns with their health goals.

Irresistible Ingredients

Groovy Brownie Snack Bars boast a delightful composition of hemp seed (18%), gluten-free whole grain oat flakes (17%), decadent dark chocolate (15%), and an array of other natural ingredients. From rice syrup to agave syrup, date paste, almond pieces, sunflower seeds, cacao, coconut oil, and vanilla extract, each component is carefully chosen to create a symphony of flavours that will satisfy your chocolate cravings without compromising on your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Conveniently Packed for Your Lifestyle

Try the convenience of Groovy Brownie Snack Bars sold in packs, each containing 4 bars. This thoughtful packaging ensures that you always have a delicious and wholesome snack on hand, whether you're navigating a busy day or relishing a quiet moment. The perfect balance of convenience and indulgence.

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Nutritional Values


Per 1 bar/45 g


219 kcal/915 kJ


12 g

of which saturates

4 g


20.6 g