Plant-Based Drink (6-pack)

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The Ultimate Plant-Based Drink

Hey there, we've got something that's going to transform your plant-based journey into a delicious adventure. Introducing our non-dairy milk, the answer to your quest for a creamy, nutritious Plant-Based Drink that's dairy-free and hassle-free.

What's Inside the Bottle: Nutrient-Packed Vegan Goodness 

Let's talk about the magic inside – the kind of magic that makes you happy from the inside out. Our Plant-Based Drink is more than just a drink; it's a treasure trove of:

Proteins and Amino Acids: Say hello to a protein-packed boost that keeps your muscles and body in sync.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Unsaturated Fatty Acids: These are the heart-healthy fats that make every sip worthwhile.

Vitamins Galore: From A to E, and a bunch of those essential group B vitamins – all in one convenient gulp.

Mineral Mix: Zinc, magnesium, and potassium team up to support your overall well-being.

Dietary Fiber: Fuel your digestion and feel satisfied with every glass of our hemp seed drink.

Why Choose Our Natural Ingredients?

Our Plant-Based Drink is nature's gift to you. It's crafted with care, combining:

  • Pure water
  • Nutrient-packed hemp seeds (7%)
  • A touch of rice syrup for a hint of natural sweetness
  • Stabilizer (gellan gum) for a silky smooth texture
  • Flavor enhancer for that burst of taste
  • A pinch of sea salt to strike the perfect balance

And here's the best part – no artificial ingredients. It's a sustainable sip that's in harmony with your well-being.

So go ahead, make the switch. Embrace the journey of flavour, wellness, and sustainability. Savour the remarkable taste of our Plant-Based Drink, and in each sip, find a toast to health, vitality, and the magic of making mindful choices.

6 x 1L

Quantity: 6 Pack

Nutritional Information


Value per 100 ml


219 kJ (53 kcal)


3.8 g

of which saturates

0.4 g


1.9 g